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Attention New Home Owners and Home Buyers

            Quality Home Inspection Brings Infrared Thermographic

            Technology to Home Owners  


 The Power to See What No One Else Can See

    Attention Home Buyers

When you are buying a home, it is the most expensive investment in your life. With our equipment, knowledge and experience, we can help you save thousands of dollars on unexpected expenses.

 Our inspection is not just an inspection, it is an investigation of defects which are not visible to the human eye.

   Attention New Home Owners

The Toronto Star reported that 88% of new homes have building defects that “lurk beneath the surface”. Most home builders give you 1 to 2 year warranty to identify any deficiencies with the new home.

Our inspection gives you 75% more benefits than an ordinary home inspection. With our equipment we can identify up to 95% of the hidden defects. It will not be just located, it will be documented.                

  These benefits to you, as the home owner, will allow you to:

locate and document heat loss and cold air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows   

inspect the condition of the electrical, mechanical and roof

locate water intrusion or moisture problems, quickly assess the possibility of mold contaminants        

provide you with accurate temperature measurements

provide you with visible images  of your infrared inspection to use for documentation and corrective action decisions       

Let's look at some pictures that really describe this better than words:

                      Air Leakage                                  Missing Insulation       


                 Electrical Problem                                Air Infiltration

 My service is competitive and affordable. I look forward to provide you with the best of my service.

 Igor Krylov, Certified Thermographer

Quality Home Inspection (founded since 2001),

Web Site: www.superhomeinspector.com     Phone: 416-723-8913


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